International Macro

International Macroeconomics (given in 2006 at HEC)

Tests took take place on

Monday 03/04 at 4.30pm (2h) find the exam here, and

Wednesday 05/04 at 9am (2h) find the exam here.

Handouts: week1






Problem sets: PS #1 to be discussed in week3 (to be handed in on Monday week 3)

PS #2 to be discussed in week 6 (to be handed in on Monday week 6)

Questions & Answers: here are answers to questions you have been asking

Reading list

Mankiw, N. G. Macroeconomics (5th ed)

Burda and Wyplosz (2001), Macroeconomics: A European Approach, 3rd. ed, Oxford.

Lipsey and Chrystal (1999), Principles of Economics, 9th. Edition, Oxford Univ. Press.

Dornbusch, R., S. Fischer and R. Startz. Macroeconomics

Blanchard, O. Macroeconomics

You will find here various relevant articles which I will regularly update

From the Economist, links are now removed

Economic focus on the current account

The US current account deficit, origins and risks: 1, 2, 3, 4

In relation to China: 1

The Future of dollar

Japan’s monetary policy

Articles related to Problem Set 1 : Dark material, EMU, Convergence and Maastricht

Further readings

Caves, R., J. Frankel and R. Jones. World Trade and Payments.

Krugman, P. and M. Obstfeld. International Economics (incl. Appendix 3 of chap 17)

Corden, W. M. Economic Policy, Exchange rates and the International System

Bliss, C. (1986). The rise and fall of the Dollar. Oxford Review of Economic and Policy

De Long, Macroeconomics, Wiley, 2002;

Sachs and Larrain, Macroeconomics in the Global Economy, Harvester Wheatsheaf 1993.

Miles and Scott, Macroeconomics, McGraw Hill, 2002.

In French

Translations of the textbooks above exist, published in particular by Pearson Education.

You will also find that the Repères collection provides good overviews,

See e.g.

#359 La Balance des Paiements (Marc Raffinot & Baptiste Venet)

#426 L’Economie Mondiale (by CEPII, to get an update of what’s going on in the world)

#307 & 308 Macroéconomie by M. Aglietta